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generates complexity with soil nutrials and provides its ingestion

• It enhances energy.
• It is a strong antioxidant and free radical binder.
• It binds heavy metals and toxins and removes them from the plants constitution.
• It increases the cell wall permeability and provides the access of plant nutrients.
• It prolonges activeness duration of the plants and increases the necessary synthesis.
• It accelerates protein metabolism.
• It contributes to DNA and RNA synthesis.
• It is a very strong natural electrolyte, protects the electrochemical balance.
• It activates the enzyme system.
• It assists the cell regeneration and development of immune system.
• It increases the effectiveness of the nutriments.
• It generates complexity with soil nutrials and provides its ingestion.
• It increases oxygen absorbtion.
• It decreases pH level.

more energy...
a natural electrolite...
lower level pH...
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