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superior featured surface protection and polishing 

• It prevents flowing away of the applied product from leaf and keeps it on the plant.
• In using together with the pesticides such as insecticides, acaracides, herbicides, fungucides and leaf dung the pesticides and leaf dung are adhered and disparsed on the plant palm, so their effect is enhanced considerably.
• By application on fruits especially with bright surface (sour cherry, cherry, plum, grape, pomegranate etc.) prior to rain fall it enhances the resistance to cracking afterwards.
• Together with enhancement of effects of pesticides it is a product with considerable effects for prevention of probable demages caused by pesticides.
• By application prior to harvest it improves the appearance of the fruid (brilliancy, sales appeal, saturated color etc.) and backs up the increasement of market quality.
• It enhances the resistance to fungoid diseasies and stainings on fruids caused propably by rain and moisture in warm air.
• It assists the enhancement of plant resistance to damages such as leaf burning caused by droplet formation of water and to intensive bunch of the drug at one point after the evaporization.
• It implements suffusing of applied product on the leaf surface as a film strip.
• It is high-grade featured surface protector and polisher.

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