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contributes significantly to provide the plants with boron and zinc
• It appeares in zinc, chlorophyll structure.
• It accelerates several different enzymatic activites such as phosphatase, decarboxylase etc.
• It will be transported in xylem tissue in plant structure in form of Zn ions bounded with organic acids.
• It acts in plants as construction element of enzymes and for activating,
• As well as in tryptophan synthesis as initiator's key of auxins.
• It is responsible for nitrogen metabolism, formation of flavonic pigments and vitamin C synthesis.
• It is antagonist of iron both in bilological and chemical form.
• On the other hand it is present in synergic interplay with Zn and B.
• It is responsible for protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism and IAA synthesis.
• AGRIZING can be applied in autumn after harvest period, however the most effective application period is in spring prior to bud out. In spring it can be used in more concentrated applications than in in autumn applications. Spraying should be carried out in green head period or before. On areas where deficiency treatment is problematic probably autumn treatment can be required. In these areas both after harvest and spring application can be carried out.
• The bor and zinc's synergic effect is realized to be effective to increase the bor accumulation in plants by low concentrations of zinc and by high concentrations of phosphor. Thus zinc prevents in plants the excessive accumulation of bor and generating toxic effects.
• It contributes to provide bor requirement of plants with 1% B together with contained nitrogen, zinc and organic acids.
in IAA synthesis...
in protein synthesis...
in vitamin C synthesis...
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