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is a micro nutritional element containing zinc and manganese applicable thru the leaf

• It contains micro nutritional elements with zinc and manganese and provides best effects by applications thru the leaf.
• It is transportable with zinc, xylem tissue in its mixture and effects directly.
• Zinc + manganese are absolute important elements for plant physiology.
• It is the element with the most important duty in plants, as enzym construction element and for activation, in protein synthesis, carbonhydrate metabolism and IAA sythesis.
•Together with manganese in it:
• It increases at the plants root development and germination.
• It triggers of the fruid set and stone capsule generating.
• It enhances the resistance of plants to cold and hot stress conditions.
• It urges tillering of wheat.
• It enhances cocoon providance in coton.
• It enables stronger membrane formation of in grapes, especially in seeded, and enhances resistance to cracking.

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