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a perfect dispersing, binding, wetting and emulsifying agent

• It is a perfect dispersing, binding, wetting and emulsifying agent containing the active ingredient sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate.
• It enables perfect intermixing of agricultural drugs and dung with water.
• It enables homogenous dispersing of the mixture to be applied on the plant palm.
• In this manner the equal dispersing of convenient dosage to stomas is ensured.
• Due to dissolving characteristic of the kit it enhances the drug effectiveness in agricultural contention.
• It dissolves and diminishes protecting layers on the pest and enables easily effecting of the pesticides.
• It is a considerable help for farmers in complicated struggling against pest such as red spiders, scale insects and nematods as well as to achive more precise results.

with more effective agricultural contension for achieving more precise results against pests...
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